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Chic Buying Process

Getting to
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Secure Loan

Secure Salisbury Home Loan

Visit our Creative Lender Teams to secure your loan approval so we can help you find the correct fit for your needs.

To Rent

Rent a Home in Salisbury

Are you looking to rent and come back to Chic Living after you have collaborated with a team member?

If so, please understand that we are not a property management company and will do our best to find you a dream team partner to work with on your needs.

To Buy

Buy a Home in Salisbury

Are you ready to move forward with a home purchase based on your loan approval with one of our creative lender teams?

If so, then we will have a Chic Living real estate broker set up a meeting with you. We will send you a follow up questionnaire so we can collaborate with you and best serve your needs.


Searching for a Salisbury Home

We recommend in our current chic market that you start your home search 3-4 months in advance if you are looking to purchase an existing home.

If you are looking for a new home then your search should start at 6-9 months in advance so please collaborate with us so we know how to best serve you! We have specialists in both markets so we will pair you up with the right team member so we can best serve your needs.


Salisbury Home Under Contract

Home Under Contract and Moving Towards Closing.


Finalize Salisbury Home Purchase

Loan finalization, inspections, appraisals.

This is the part that we will continue to collaborate and communicate with you since these are very important pieces of bringing you to closing.

Closing &

Salisbury Home Closing

Congratulations on being a Chic Living Client for Life!

We hope you are completely satisfied with your experience with us. Please feel encouraged to give us feedback at our online survey. We appreciate you!